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Activity Logger

Activity Logger is a spy software for monitoring how your computer has been used while you are away. You can spy on your computer to know how your child uses your home PC or track employees work time activity and computer abuse. Activity Logger spying engine runs invisibly in background and monitors the Internet usage (records to a log file URLs of visited Internet sites with viewed page title), keystrokes in email, chat, instant messengers and other programs. Spy engine logs what programs users run and how long do they work in every program. Recorded log file can be periodically sent silently to your email address, when computer goes online. This spy software can capture and save screenshots of computer desktop every several seconds. Snapshots do not take a lot of disk space, because they are saved in the compressed JPEG format. Captured screenshots can be viewed as a slide show with the provided viewer utility or any third party image viewer.
  • log used applications and work duration in every program
  • log all keystrokes, including passwords
  • log Internet surfing history with exact URLs
  • capture screenshots in specified period of time in compact JPEG format
  • view screenshots as a slide show or one by one
  • invisibly autosend log files by email, when computer goes online
  • export spy logs to HTML file for convenient viewing in browser and for printing
  • export log files to MS Excel for advanced reports and analysis
  • export log files to delimited text file for further import into the database
  • appearance of resulting exported files is configurable
  • Spying Engine runs invisibly and is not shown in task list (on Win9x/Me) and can not be terminated in Task Manager in Win NT/2000/XP without administrator permissions
  • Spy configuration utility is protected with password
  • works on all Windows platforms (Win95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP)
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